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19 January, 2017

Live Dealer immersive roulette - how to earn money playing casino
Live Dealer immersive roulette - how to earn money playing casino

I keep on repeating that you do not “earn” money in casinos. This is not a job or an investment. You can win money purely based on luck. I love playing casino games but I do not see it as a way to earn money, it's simply a way to have some fun.

There're some exceptions in the world of gambling since certain very skilled in that field people can earn money by playing poker, placing sports bets or on the financial markets. These are still highly speculative and there’s chance involved too, however you can learn skills and get better. This can help you win in the long run if you’re better than the vast majority of participants. Imagine that you need to be better than 90 percent of the other players to be winning in the long run and even when you're that good you will have moments when you will lose.

If you want to win on the casino, my best advice is to play Baccarat and place a banker or player bet. Your chances of winning are slightly less than that of a coin toss and there aren’t any complicated rules to follow. The odds of winning are better than Roulette and the game is not as complicated as Blackjack. Live dealer Baccarat would be my best advice too since there's no electronic RNG to miss-trust.


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