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10 October, 2016

The Summary

The casino loyalty programs are a way for casino to segment their customers. This helps them provide the best kind of rewards for those who spend the most - their VIP customers and also adequate rewards for the lower tiers.

The loyalty level tiers

These tiers are usually simply referred to as bronze, silver, gold, vip, but it may be that the casino uses fancy terms such as platinum, palladium, gold elite or some other naming convention to show ascending order from the lower level to the higher ones.

Read the fine print

If you're a true casino aficionado, you are spending lots of hours and money playing online casino. Hence you want to be rewarded properly. That's why it's very important to check the casino's loyalty program before you start playing. Usually each casino's web site has information about their loyalty programs.

Sometimes it's hard to compare between the loyalty programs because they have points requirements which are very different. A point can be earned at one casino for each 5 USD wagered, at another for each 25. It could be that for playing blackjack you get less points and more if you play slots. Things like these are hidden in the fine print and you have to dig around or even better ask the customer service! Knowing the right questions will help you find the best program for you.

If you do not play often maybe you prefer a quarterly program, but for others a monthly one is better. Almost always the tiers/levels are time limited however and the points expire. So if you play at a casino make sure to use your loyalty points.

What can you get with loyalty points

Very often you have a simple "cash is king" type of loyalty program. Some like that, others are not excited to spend money to get some money. Good thing for those people is that plenty casinos offer electronics, vacations and other things to buy using the loyalty points. I remember you could buy a Lamborghini in one loyalty program or a vacation around the world!
In all of these cases it is good to know how much value you're getting per point. So this is the last thing you want to check - if you want to do the math calculate using the formula dollars points/ required to earn a point/the price of the item in points. Then you can see how much your rakeback is in a sense.


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