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25 August, 2014

In its essence Baccarat is an easy to play game, you either place a bet on “Banker” or “Player”, two cards are dealt to the Banker and the Player and a third card can be drawn according to the rules. There is the possibility of a Tie which pays out higher 1 to 9 or 1 to 8 and experienced Baccarat players will tell you to avoid, so just focus on your gut feeling and bet Banker or Player. Baccarat is the most played game in the world, if you go to Macau or other casinos in Asia you will see people betting on this game more than Blackjack or Roulette. The good payouts and simplicity of the game allows it to offer high pace and the thrill of more wins.’s advice:
Baccarat is all about managing your bankroll and being lucky - you can have fun and bet quickly without thinking too much about the card’s total like you would in Blackjack. You never draw  cards yourself - just place your bets! Place a few bets on Player or Banker, be mindful that the Casino edge like eventually eats out your balance so the more you play the higher chance there is you will eventually lose. My advice is that you place a couple of big bet for as much as you can and hope for the best. If you’re lucky and your bet wins just cash out!  If you want to play just for fun you can do that with lower bet amounts. High rollers can play a martingale type of strategy on Baccarat, bring in a huge bankroll to do that and be careful not to do that without enough money for 6-7 bets.

You can read more about the rules of the games below. None of them truly matter however as all you have to do is place your bet (on Banker or Player, with the option of betting Tie but not recommended). Good luck!


In most online Casinos the Baccarat game will be played with 8 decks, but you can find games with 4 or 6 decks also. Check the game rules for details on that. Jokers are not used in this game the cards that matter will be:

- no Point value cards - these are all 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, they are worth 0 Points
- face value Point cards - the cards from 2 to 9; 2 has the value of 2, 3 of the value of 3 and so on, what you see on the card is the value you get
- All aces are worth 1 Point.

By using the cards in the decks with the system described above you should aim to make a 9 or come as close as possible - got 4 and 5 on player - nice your hand is a winner! But if you have 6 and 4 - you have a card sum of zero. Think of it like that, in Baccarat you always count to 9 and this is where you want to stand, if you get to 10 your sum is reset to 0. If your card sum total is 13, in fact you only have a 3, because remember the counting resets at 10! 13 is 3, 16 is 6.

Getting a natural 8 or 9 is the best thing of course since your hand is almost certainly a winner.

10+9=19 (natural hand)
3+5 = 8 (natural hand)

You can place a bet on the Banker (The Casino), the Player or on a Tie. Ties occur when the Player and Banker have the same total value of their cards, ties pay higher usually 9 for 1 (place 1 chip and you win 9 chips). The simplicity of the game means that the Edge is very small usually around 1% and you can win quite nicely on Baccarat if you’re lucky.


* A winning Player hand rewards 1 to 1
* A winning Banker hand rewards.95 to 1
* A winning Tie rewards 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 (check rules on the online site you play)

Standing on 2 cards and Drawing a 3rd card rules

When the hand starts in Baccarat the Player and the Banker get 2 cards each. If the player or banker have 8 or 9 with the first 2 cards ( the so called “natural” 8 or 9)  there will be no drawing for the respective side of the player or banker.

Rules regarding standing or drawing 3rd card for the player go like this, if the Player's two cards total:

  1. 0-5 Player's hand must draw
  2. 6-7 Player's hand must stand
  3. 8-9 "Natural" (Both hands stand)

Rules regarding standing or drawing 3rd card for the Banker go like this, if the Banker's two cards total:

  1. 0-2 Banker's hand must draw
  2. 3-6 Third card to Player's hand determines draw or stand*
  3. 7 Banker's hand must stand
  4. 8-9 "Natural" (Both hands stand)

*See Point 2 above? So it says depending on the Player hand total the Banker may need to draw a card:

- when the banker has 3, he will draw unless the Player has 8 (if Player has 8, Bank does not draw)
- when the banker has 4, he will draw unless the Player has 0, 1, 8 or 9
- when the banker has 6, the Banker will not draw unless Player’s has 7

Shuffling *Live Dealer Baccarat rules

The gameplay continues until the cut card is dealt. If the cut card is dealt between the games, then another game round is played after it. The shuffle is then made by either a dealer or a shuffler, depending on availability of a shuffling table. If there is no shuffling table available, then the dealer makes shuffle at the game table. If the shuffle table is available, then two shoes with two sets of playing cards are used at the table. In this case, the dealer swaps the shoes, and the shuffle is made by a shuffler at the shuffling table whilst the dealer is continuing the gameplay.

Shuffling for the video/programmed Baccarat is done by a Random number generator so the rules above do not apply!


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