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New casino Players Welcome Bonus 20 FREE SPINS

20 January, 2016

People who are new to playing online casino and even veterans who have played for years can benefit from the few tips in this article. But before we begin into much explanation, allow me to remind you how important it is to...

 Read the terms and conditions/rules

Not all casino bonuses are made equal. People usually look at the bonus percent and no further -oh I get 200% here and 100% there. That's not all that counts. What is important is how to make that bonus money into real money. And also how easy it is to cashout winnings you made with it. The wager condition comes into play here. Read how many times you have to turnover your bonus amount. Usually it is good if need to wager 30 times your bonus amount. Anything lower than that is good, higher is usually bad.

Also take a look at the specific rules about gameplay - sometimes your bet contribution on Blackjack/Roulette will not count in the same way as gameplay on slots. This means if you wager 10 EUR on Roulette you will get only 5 EUR counted for the bonus condition. Also, sometimes your bets on "low risk outcomes" such as black/red or odd/even will not count. Other times whole games will be "banned" from having gameplay contribute. Usually Single deck blackjack is banned and other some casino hold'em poker variants will not be eligible for gameplay with a bonus.

Please also check the maximum stake allowed for playing on slots. Sometimes you're restricted to only betting a certain amount per spin while having a bonus.

The short version of all of this is "read the rules". Also ask the customer support if you are not aware of how some things work. The next thing you have to remember is that when you play with  a bonus make sure you're

Looking for that big win

Your attitude to risk maybe low and in general you want just to have a little bit of fun on the slots, but remember you have a bonus condition to complete. You get the extra cash but now also you need to play more to release your bonus and future winnings. That's why I advise people to place higher bets when they have a bonus. Don't just bet double, bet even four times your usual bet amount. You have the extra cash to play with so your potential spins/bets are also higher. If you catch a nice bonus round/win with you will be able to get the bonus released faster.

Here's a story - once I entered as a new customer in a casino and deposited 300 EUR, got 300 EUR bonus and started betting with 10 EUR per spin. This is a legitimate strategy some online gamblers employ - it is believed that new customers get higher winning odds during their first spins/bets so that they can be "hooked" by enjoying the games more (by winning). This is just a rumor of course and the main benefit remains the extra cash you get from the bonus - sometimes your win will come with the last 10 EUR that you have in your account. So in other words, a nice bonus can help you get that win you would not get otherwise.

I have become aware in my own play that also it is important...

To not get greedy

If you strike a win, make it your priority to complete the bonus condition and cash out. People can get carried away when playing online. Remember your goal is to have fun, but also to win some money.

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