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17 October, 2014

Betfair, the lads from the UK who shook the whole sports betting market back in the year 2000 are still rocking around. You can say a lot about what they have done in the last 14-15 years but truth is that they have remained one of the biggest online gambling companies out there. They listed on the London Stock exchange and remain a safe place to play.
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The Casino offering of Betfair relies on games provided by Net Entertainment and other companies. You can enjoy a splendid experience on BetFair's Casino as they will provide you with prompt payments and great support. You can play all of your favorite games on a safe place with great customer support.
betfair casino
The added benefit of playing on BetFair Casino comes from their excellent support of new games, when you are in position to negotiate with the slots/games providers you can get the best games for the customers on less the cost of standard companies which rely on in-house slots technology.

Online casino bonuses will vary depending on where you are but currently you can get a no-deposit bonus or at least a deposit bonus. These offers change all the time, so I suggest you just check out what's in store with a click here. 
Remember to ask for your deposit bonus and no-deposit bonus from the support in case you have questions. You can usually get one at least or both. Their slots bonus is usually up to 1000 GBP and if you are serious about playing slots you can take a swing at their slots.
A number of games are available for play on Mobile phones and tablets. You can use your Android phone/tablet or iPhone/iPad to play on the move with BetFair Casino.
  • Available currencies
When playing on BetFair Casino you can use different currencies. It is recommended to play on Casinos where your balance can hold funds in your local currency/same as your deposit and cashout method. Here you can use the following currencies:
  • USD - US dollar
  • EUR - EURO
  • CAD - Canadian Dollars
  • GBP - British Pounds
  • AUD - Australian Dollars
  • CHF - Swiss Francs
  • SEK - Swedish Krona
  • NOK - Norwegian krone
  • DKK Danish
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar 

The Bet fair Casino and support is available in English and many other languages. You can chose between:

  • Sverige / Swedish
  • Deutsch / German
  • Русско
  • Dansk /Danish
  • Español /Spanish
  • Português
  • Ελληνικά / Greek


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