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Many people believe that playing on Casino and winning is all about luck. What they do not tell you however is that often the house edge is even increased from people's decisions or when they do not know how the games work.

That's why I prefer to think that my luck shows up when I do smart things. If you want to win and beat the Casino you need to know how to play your cards, which bets to avoid, how to use the loyalty and bonus programs.

There’s not much trick to it as you will see after reading BetDouble.coms articles on Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Video Poker and other popular table games and slot machines. Sometimes you’d need to take your luck on a ride or it may be just about knowing not to split “tens” in Blackjack when you’re playing. These many little rules gamblers have invented to make it harder for the Dealer to win and easier for them to beat the Casino you can find on my page.

If you're looking for a system which will help you beat the casino I recommend checking out my article on the Martingale strategy over here.


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