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05 May, 2015

Why play jackpot slots?

Slot games are fun and relaxing. Unlike some other table casino games there's very little stress. Blackjack would make you think about the next card you want to hit or double or stand etc. These decisions are stressful; and sometimes if you have had a rough day at work you just want to take your luck for a spin. I think that you should play jackpot slots when you're looking for entertainment and light fun in your casino session. They can quickly bring you to a heart attack if you see the sign for winning a jackpot!

The randomness of the jackpot slot games

I will say here it's true that the ride can be bumpy sometimes, I will admit that slot games are very random and can sometimes have you playing for hours and win, while at other times at best you will have 40-50 spins before you end up dry and with no funds.  Also, the "return to player percentage" on most slots is around 93-95 percent. With Blackjack and Baccarat being close to 98-99 percent you might be better playing there. That's true in most cases, and here's why the JACKPOT makes the difference.

What's the chance of winning a a jackpot?

So what do I mean when I say that? It means that winning a jackpot is what makes the games exciting and good for playing. It is something that will happen once a week in smaller casinos, big jackpots are usually won 2-3 times an year. I speak this from experience from working in a top online casino. If your luck is good you might be one of the winners among thousands of players looking for that one lucky spin. The chances are you might never get the jackpot, but if you do you will have your unique payday. Good luck and have fun to everyone!


  1. really the best kind of slots

    1. That's exactly what I think too! If only a big jackpot would come my way soon I would love them even more :P


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