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25 August, 2014


If you want to play Blackjack, you can play for free on MrGreen by clicking here and then come back later to read the rest of the rules below.

Blackjack has the lowest “house” or casino edges. The theoretical return for most games is around 99.5 percent if played properly. This means that if you know how to play Blackjack you will certainly be winning a lot of your bets. The skill ceiling is quite high, you can become better at this game the more you play and is unlike simpler and more relaxing games like Slots. You will find yourself thinking hard about your next decision if you play this game right. Blackjack hands payout 2 to 1. When you achieve a "Blackjack" (Get 21 points on the player's first two cards (called a blackjack), without a dealer blackjack) you will get paid 3:2 (note: some tables pay 6:5, 7:5 or 1:1). If you draw to 21, it pays even money.. For example, if you place 1 dollar/euro or pound on a hand and you win you’d get a payout of 2 dollars/euros/pounds. In the scenario where you win with Blackjack you’d be winning 2.5 dollars/euros/pounds. Read more below to learn how the game works! I also recommend you play a bit for fun before you get into the rules.

The game is quite simple, but very intriguing and fun too. Playing Blackjack can be done with a single deck of 52 cards up to multiple decks of cards (usually the most you see is 6 decks x 52 cards). I’d recommend the games where you play with 4 decks. The basics are - the player is given two starting cards and so is the Dealer, but only one of them is face up and visible. Much of the strategy revolves around the dealer’s face up card and your initial card sum.

To win in Blackjack you need to have a card sum as close as possible to 21, if the dealers card sum is lower than yours or he busts you win as well. Cards with number values on them are simple - if you’re dealt 4 of spades and 5 of hearts you have a sum of 9. All picture cards (Jack, Queen, King and Ace) have value of 10. The Ace can be counted as either 1 or 11, so if you have a hand of 8, 9 and you hit and receive an Ace you would have a card sum of 18 (8, 9, ace-1) as otherwise you’d go bust. If your two first cards are 9 and ace you have 20 and only if you decide for some reason to hit and then receive the 10 for example you’d go back again to a card sum of... 20! The card colors are of no difference

So in Blackjack you want to try to get as close to 21 as possible, but not above. If your card sum is at 22 or above you “bust”. The same rule applies to the Dealer of course. And here comes the trick -the house edge is comes from the fact that the Dealer acts 2nd and the player (that’s you) has the chance to bust before the Dealer would have to draw any cards or play. For that reason the strategy that you’d see below tries to minimize any situations where you’d bust and depend on the cards of the Dealer. Here might be a good idea to explain the main actions/buttons you’d get to play with.

Stand: as straightforward as it gets, if you do not want to be given any extra cards and give your turn to the dealer, hit Stand. Usually on sums of 17 and above we stand.

Hit: “Hit me!” is something that people do not shout usually, but that’s what you can hear in Casinos in Las vegas on Blackjack tables. Hit me means though just for a card to be dealt. Careful not to "bust" and go over 21!

Double: You can double your bet and take another card; when the option is used you need to make sure you can win with the total of 3 cards you get as you’d be unable to draw more cards after this one. You can only double on a 2-card hand.

Spilt: When you have two cards of equal value such as 8,8 you can split your cards and you’d have two separate hands. Your bet is doubled and you are given a new cards in each separate hand after the split. For each hand you can hit or stand or double, except in some situations with aces (depends on the rules of the casino). Remember though that with the exception of aces we never split tens (jacks, queens or kings). It is better to ride on the 20 and hope the dealer does not get 21.

Above you have the standard rules. There are however some interesting rule variations and side bets you need to check with each Casino before you play. Check the rules/how to section in the game or on the web site. Do not hesitate to contact support and ask for help.

Side bets: avoid placing side bets. Do not play in side bet games as the house wins much more on those. If you find a good progressive jackpot blackjack game you can give it a go in case the jackpot amount is quite high. This is betting for fun after all, but make sure the odds are on your side and you are spending your money for a big potential jackpot.

>> Rules that you need to check each time you play on a new Casino or Blackjack game:

Number of decks -- the number of decks varies from 1 to 8. A lower number of decks is better always. Single-deck Blackjack is usually a game type on which Casinos do not offer bonuses or release of bonus money which speaks for itself (the house edge is low and you can win more on this game).

Hit or Stand on Soft 17 --  we talked about the dealer’s edge being that he gets to play 2nd after you risk busting with your hand. Your edge is that the dealer has to hit or stand on soft 17. Hitting on soft 17 makes it so the Casino has better chances of winning, look for games where the Dealer will stand on soft 17 (such as with an ace). There may be some casino games where the game is offered that the dealer stands on hard 17 (that does not include an ace).

Resplits/Resplit Aces/Hit Split aces -- there are different rules regarding resplits - you may be able to split after your first split, but in some cases you may or may not be able to do the same with Aces. Check the rules!

Surrender - - some games give you the option to surrender and lose half of your bet at the start of the hand; the surrender option is given after the dealer checks for blackjack, sometimes before that depending on the rules.

Insurance - - when the face up card of the dealer is an ace and indicates a possible blackjack. In such cases the dealer checks for Blackjack. If the card showing is an ace you can use insurance to get 2:1 on your bet. I personally never use insurance as house edge on insurance is higher. Like the Side bets I tend to stay away from using insurance or surrender.

Blackjack Strategy:

This strategy of playing is best suited for the NetEntertainment Blackjack games. They have 4 playing decks and the strategy below will tell you how to play according to your Dealt hands and those of the dealer. At the bottom of the page you can see the recommended strategy table.

Casino Rooms which has Blackjack recommended by are:
Standard strategy for Blackjack (legend on bottom):


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