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12 July, 2016

It pays off to have good customer service - business know that, but not all consumers are aware of the benefits to keep in touch. There's real value in being close and in touch with customer service, VIP host services or your concierge. You can get a lot of value out of a VIP service or even the regular customer service provided online on casino gambling web sites.

I for once have had bonuses awarded to me after contacting the customer services - if for example you have had a bad day on the slots, playing blackjack or roulette - you can easily get a small cash bonus if you simply ask for it.

So it pays to be social when you are a good customer! Ask for things when you have had a bad run and you may receive some great cash bonuses, reload casino bonuses for next deposit or free spins.

How much time does it take? Maybe you are already playing a slot and all you need to do is keep on spinning and open another chat window to write to the customer support! It's as easy as that.

Be proactive - ask before you take part into a promotion or take a bonus.  If there's anything you would take away from reading this that's the one advice I have for you. It's much easier to get a matching bonus on your deposit sitting in your account compared to when you have already spent the money. Use your leverage - that is the deposit you will spend or make. Ask for bonuses and rewards before you start playing. Also this is the best moment to clarify conditions and promotions terms.

As far as customer services go I am going to recommend that of MrGreen. They have excellent service and an unmatched overall quality.


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