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29 August, 2014

You can play for fun and wihtout making a deposit on  MrGreen’s Casino web site. All you need to do is create an account and open some slot games to play for fun before you try real money. After that you can read here and learn how this works.

Slot machines, fruit machines, slots, poker machines or simply slots - they’re many names for one of the World’s favorite gambling game. To the ones who were left unlucky and bitter you’d hear them call them “one-armed bandits” (because originally the slot machines had a lever to pull for spin action). The object of the game is pure and simple: to win money, if you lose your money you’ve lost the game.

There are thousands of slot machines in brick and mortar/live casinos and even more on the internet. Sophisticated and with different rules, those games still fall under some common game rules and mechanics.

Betting in online slots is often done with “Credits”. The credit amount will vary, sometimes 1 unit of currency (USD/GBP/EUR) will give you 4 credits. On some games the credit amount can be increased or decreased. Often the game options will allow that you see the bets placed in real money instead of credits, I suggest you use this option. It can be very confusing to deposit 100 USD and play with 500 credits on a game, it’s always better to simply use the real money option. Slot games give you the chance to increase or decrease: 1. your credit value 2. your amount of bet per line (more about that in the paragraph below).

The Credits or money you place to wager/bet are money per reels or spin lines or “ways”. You can check the rules and paytable to see on how many lines you can bet. I usually use all of the lines that the game offers as it feels very frustrating to see a winning line on which you did not bet. Slot games give you the option to increase or decrease the lines on which you bet. A simple example: you can place 1 EUR/USD on 20 lines effectively placing 5 cents on each line. If a winning symbol on a line comes up it will payout as per the 5 cents placed on that line, sometimes multiple lines will win resulting in a big payout. More about symbols below.

Payouts are given for combinations of symbols that appear on the screen, to illustrate how this works I will be using examples from the game Triple Fortune Dragon which you can play on MrGreen Casino for free and for real money. You can check the image below to see the payout done on the symbols “A” “A” and “A” (The line that paid out is diagonal):

To know how much you win from certain symbols, you need to check the Paytable, here you can check an image for the same game:

Payouts will be done automatically so you do not need to know all of this by heart.  However, when you start playing an online slot game however, you’d need to remember which is the wild/substitute symbol. In the image above you can see the golden dragon statue will substitute for plenty of symbols. If it appears somewhere it will increase the possibility for winnings on multiple reels/lines.

There are other symbols that unlock bonus games such as this one: 

The coin in this game will unlock free spins. In other game it may be a feature where you pick between 10 hidden rewards or there might be some other mechanic. Wins are often multiplied in bonus rounds and free spins, so the combinations you get in a free spin are even more worth it then outside of them. With a multiplier of 10, a x3 win becomes a x30 win.

Summary on the paytable and symbols: there are symbols that payout when aligned on the slot reels, a combination of 3, 4, 5 or more unlocks prizes as per the slot game rules and paytable. Some symbols often called “wild” will substitute for any other allowing you to win more. There are usually also scatter symbols, most often 3 of those anywhere or in certain combination will unlock free spins or a bonus feature round. Most special features unlocked are either free spins with a multiplier or a specific designed bonus feature.

General tips:

- is it a jackpot slot or a simple slot game

Why is this important? Jackpot slot games would offer a pull of money displayed for the Jackpot of each game, but naturally your chances of hitting the big jackpot are slim. Playing a slot game can give you more spins and more fun compared to a jackpot slot game as unlocking free spins and getting wild symbols will generally happen more often. On the other hand here is usually where most big wins happen, so go for it if you feel like it!

- check the paytable of the game and the rules

You need to see how the game rules. Does it pay left to right or top to bottom, which symbols you need etc. Trying a new game is always nice and exciting, do not be intimidated by new things, the games are fairly easy to understand and if you need help with the rules you can always contact the online support. Sometimes trying a new game may turn out very profitable as you start fresh, your “stats” on the game are non-existent and you can catch a quick win.

- Always play with a bonus!’s philosophy is simple, if you play with a bonus and you have double the cash you deposited you have more chances to win. A 100% bonus for starting up or even a reload of 50% or 75% will give you more spins on the games and allow you to try for a big win. Imagine that your 51st spin in a game will unlock free spins or a big win, sometimes playing with the bonus makes the difference and this is what helps you get to the 51st spin!

- Play for fun! Budget your hobby

If you’re not having fun and you’re there to win money for your rent, you’re doing this wrong. Playing slot games is only for fun and you should never do this with borrowed money or money you need for important expenses. Budget your hobby and spend responsibly.

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