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29 November, 2016

which credit or debit cards can be used for gambling online in canada
The big 5 Canadian banks
Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world, 2nd largest and first in the hearts of many who have immigrated to live there. Beautiful nature is not enough however when in the cold months or searing summer heats you just want to stay home and perhaps play online. Unfortunately gambling online is not that easy lately since many Canadian banks restrict the use of their credit and debit cards for gambling online. And here come's the question....

Which credit or debit cards can be used for gambling online if you're from Canada? 

That's not an easy question to answer since the banks do not openly advertise these restrictions. From my experience I know that TD does NOT work with reputable gambling websites and CIBC customers have trouble cashing out. So here I will list instead only the methods that I know work for making deposits and gambling online.

BMO - bank of Montreal

The customers of Bank of Montreal have not had trouble making deposits to reputable gambling web sites.

RBC - Royal Bank of Canada

Last time I spoke with a friend who was a customer of Royal Bank of Canada he told me he had no issues making deposits and cashouts using his debit/credit card.


Should work great with any online casino or poker web site which is reputable and not blocked.


Deposits are okay but cashouts may not work.

Last but not least - please post a comment if you know your card does work for online gambling or if I made a mistake!

I hope the list will get better as more people contribute and help out.

Which is the best prepaid card?

At the current moment the best prepaid card for making online payments is the Vanilla Prepaid card - usually a MasterCard but I heard they also offer Prepaid Vanilla Visa cards. You can get these from most gas stations or convenience stores in Canada and use them online. The advantages are of course that you are safe from online fraud since the card can only be used with the balance you put into it and it is not linked to your identity or bank account. This is also good for privacy of course - using a prepaid card to gamble online means that your wife/husband will not know about your vice.

If you want to learn more about these prepaid cards, pelase check the web site below:

Alternative options - try out Skrill or Neteller!


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