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28 April, 2015

Let's assume you do know how to play. You look into what the blackjack basic strategy is or you play roulette with martingale strategy. Or you're simply playing slots, does not matter as the house has an edge on all games and all strategies. There's no guaranteed way to beat the house, if there  was the casino would not offer the game(s). Please remember casinos are businesses made to entertain the customers first, then give them some winnings if they're lucky, most will walk away without any winnings which is how the casino keeps on winning.

A girl dealer spinning European Roulette. Live Dealer casino games
The Live dealer casino games are a good way of trying your luck. You can make sure you play a safe and fair game.

This is starting to sound discouraging so let me get to the real message I want to convey. And that's a simple truth - in order to beat the house you need to have some luck. What you do with it matters most and is the subject of this article.  You need to know when to sitout from a table/game and take your winnings -- once you get a good payout and reach a point where you have doubled your money it is time to think of an exit strategy. Knowing when to quit is a sure way to beat the house, losing winnings is throwing your luck out the door. Casinos win a lot from people who win nicely and then continue to rely on their luck and lose it all back. Statistically, it is very unlikely that after winning one jackpot you will win another. Even if you spend all of the money of your first jackpot and put it all back into the slot games.

Most gamblers unfortunately, myself included, have stories where they remember they should have quit playing at some point, but they did not. Regretting this is of no use as it can turn into losing more money while you try to win something back - don't do that, regret won't solve anything. Instead keep this lesson in mind, nobody wins all the time; if you have some good wins get the money and make a cashout. 

You may wonder if all of this is true what's the idea of going to a casino. Mostly it is done for fun. My advice however is that once you double your money, do not go and ask for a "double or nothing" like in the movies and risk it all. Take your winnings home and celebrate instead!

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