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04 January, 2017

How to play:

From the players' perspective this is Texas Hold'em. The strength of the cards is exactly the same as when playing Texas Hold'em. If you need help with the rules check out this link here below: 

How to win:

Easier said than done, to win in Casino hold'em you need to make good decisions while playing and be lucky. Which is why I recommend playing Baccarat instead where you only need to place a bet without any extra decisions to be made.  On the contrary in Casino holde'm the game element is very strong here and you need to make the right decisions such as knowing when you fold, bet and call.

After you learn the rules and the side-bets available you will be starting a process of mastering the game. As a beginner I advise you to watch the game for an hour at least before you start betting with your own money. Plenty of Live dealer casinos will allow you to watch the game.

In other words - after you master the game you're good to go. Luck is what can help you win in the short term. Make sure you sit out after completing your bonus or doubling your money!

Casino hold'em Calculator:

One of the best Casino Hold'em calculator is available on You can learn how to play and bet just by following the calculator here. Here's how it looks like:

Casino hold'em betting calculator


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