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24 November, 2014

Play the same European Roulette game here on MrGreen  

I am showing you in this video how you can use a ' quick spin ' function - your bet is almost instantly shown as winning or losing. You can earn more money this way and play faster. There is also a ' no bet stake' function which allows you to play without placing any money on European Roulette wheel. Only a few Casinos offer this great option and it allows you to see past results and numbers FOR FREE! Give it a try now.

The strategy I use is this one - you spin 4 times with Quick spin with 0 stake (no bets placed) and if 4 consecutive black or red numbers have appeared you're ready to place a bet. It is simple - when 4 black numbers come up, place a bet on Red; when 4 red numbers come up place a bet on Black.

What happens if your bet loses? Simply place the same bet on the same color for double the amount you've lost. When you eventually win you will win all of your lost bets +1. For example you place 1 EUR, you lose it, then you put double and place 2 EUR - you win 4 EUR (1+2 EUR were lost and you win 1 EUR on top). Try it out this is EASY!

The risks of the martingale strategy are that you can get into a really unlucky situation and lose (usually when you get into a situation where you have 10 consecutive same color numbers, this is rare but it can happen).  The strategy does not allow you to always win but win more in the long run consistently. It is a smart way to play the Roulette game, which still is a Casino game, so remember that you are taking a risk to win!


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