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25 October, 2016

In 2004 an Eastern European gang hit the London Ritz Casino and over two nights won a total of 1.3M GBP. Surprisingly, after a police investigation they were allowed to keep their winnings…
…It is understood that the three suspects, two Serbian men aged 38 and 33, and a 32-year-old Hungarian woman, made two visits to the casino earlier this month. On the first night they walked out with £100,000. They returned on a subsequent evening and appeared to disprove Albert Einstein's conclusion - that the only way to win on roulette was to pocket the money when the dealer was not looking - by walking out with £1.2m.
The casino is believed to have paid them £300,000 in cash and written out a cheque for the balance. But, as is routine when such big wins occur, the casino reviewed its security tapes and called in the police
…It is thought the gang's success may have been based on a theory known as "sector targeting". The theory is relatively simple. A player determines the point at which the ball is released and the point it passes after one or two spins. He or she can use these figures to calculate the ball's "decaying orbit" and so anticipate the area of the wheel - or sector - the ball is likely to come to rest in.
The system cannot reliably predict the slot the ball is likely to fall in but by determining the sector greatly sways the odds in the favour of the punter. The problem is that it is almost impossible to do such a calculation using mental arithmetic…
Was this the best roulette strategy ever employed at a casino while still staying (just) within the law? Probably.
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