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07 September, 2016

I was reading the great reddit thread today here and found this answer from Gary Johnson which would make most US citizens who love to gamble happy. The question he was asked was by Reddit user AntiProhibitionist :

"You've made clear that marijuana legalization is a priority. What about other vices that create black markets, like gambling, specifically sports gambling? Prostitution?"

To that question the presidential candidate Gary Johnson replied:

"I do believe that marijuana should be legalized, and I do believe California will legalize it in November, which will be a tipping point. An example of a black market in marijuana is Washington state where a black market still survives due to too many taxes."

Dodging the question at first he was asked again and finally replied that yes poker should be legalized and sports gambling should be legal too in his opinion. Here's the continued conversation and his answer:


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