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04 October, 2016

Why is playing blackjack at a casino a bad idea? on Quora

Thought people might be interested in checking out my answer. What do you think? Here is my reply:

"Are you trying to discourage a friend from playing Blackjack? I will imagine you’re.
So listen here, pal, playing Blackjack is a real bad idea and let me tell you why. It’s a gambling game which is simple to understand but hard to master. Even playing with a basic strategy guide on your phone you will have some hard time making difficult decisions on the table. When your money is at stake you may feel the sweat of hitting for another card. The chance to bust and go over 21 or for the dealer to beat you is there at each hand and your moves can help you win or lose.
In other words, that’s excitement and stress you don’t need. Moreso, you make the difficult decisions first and the dealer plays second. This gives the casino the advantage of allowing you to make mistakes when you play and bust - taking your money before the dealer has to draw any cards to bust himself.
So you’re playing from a disadvantage at each turn and you’re relying on luck even if you’re very skilled.
So what did we learn here? That casino games are made to give the house profit and your luck is very important in playing the game. So many people who have never gambled are quick to point out and feel smug. In fact for most gamblers that’s like saying the sky is blue. That should be basic knowledge for anyone contemplating to gamble his or her money. The thrill of gambling is there because you can lose your money.
I have played poker without betting money and it was the dullest game ever. And even in strip poker you bet something so that’s not a counter-argument :)"

If you still want to learn how to play blackjack after reading all that you can do that under my article over here.


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