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28 July, 2016

People who understand casino and have played for a while also know that when a progressive jackpot or slots jackpot gets quite big there is added value to playing a certain game.

Jackpot slots and Progressive jackpot table games

Progressive European Roulette for example offers a jackpot that increases the more people play that online game. You want to play when the jackpot hits a substantial sum. Playing the game right after somebody has won it offers less value for your buck than when the jackpot has grown substantially. Same logic applies for each online jackpot slot game.

Some online casinos offer great promotions which provide you with sure value if you play. We are talking about promotions the type of "Get 100 freespins if you deposit 100 EUR andr wager 200 EUR". Prizes can be freespins, a cash bonus or cash. Sometimes a vacation or a car even for the number one lucky winners. A minimum prize payout is usually best, but in most cases you would need to wager a certain amount or earn some amount of loyalty points.

Tip 1: use auto-spins to count how much you wagered

Not every online casino provides you with a counter for that type of promo so it's best to wager using a certain amount x number of auto-spins. If the game allows you to spin 100 times x 1 USD and this is the requirement for getting 50 free spins you can easily achieve the number of 100 USD wagered (100 usd worth of spins).

Tip 2: always read the rules first

Just like the doctors say - prevention is way better than treatment. Reading the terms and conditions of a promotion is usually helpful. You can understand how the promotion works and avoid making mistakes which cannot be fixed after you made them. Here is a list of some things you need to look out for:

  • minimum and maxium wager stakes - be careful of those since sometimes casinos will make you stick to a certain number. This is usually to prevent abuse of promotions/bonuses.
  • restricted games - some table or slot games are sometimes excluded from promotions. This is again usually just to prevent bonus abuse. Do not play those games and you're okay.
  • time limits - do not forget that promotions are a tool to drive in business and traffic. Budgets are for a certain period/month and you need to take action as advised. Usually if you miss a deadline for a promotion that's it, but you can always ask nicely the customer service team and they might help out
  • for everything else it's good to glimpse over and read a few lines first. This way you're sure you know what you're getting at the end!

Tip 3: Check the promo page often if you play in a leaderboard 

In some promotions you play for a top rank (such as top 50 get prizes). It's good to check the activity of others when you're playing in such promos. Why? Well because sometimes you're outgunned. If some big players are playing in a promotion type "leaderboard" you may want to quit while you're ahead. Often the top prizes from promotions end up with the VIP customers of a casino. That's why some casinos offer promotions to VIP and non-VIP customers so that each has a chance. In each case however it is prudent to check from time to time where you're in the rankings.


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